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Zero Processing Fee

With the current technology and services we have nowadays, we can really say that we are already in the modern world because of how people shop.

Credit and debit cards have made shopping very convenient and accessible for us, but when the pandemic happened, people wanted to lessen the use of money and cards because of the risk of transmission, that’s where people started using and normalizing “card less shopping”. This is basically just using credit without using a card or money that you should have with you all the time. With internet connection and the right applications on your phone, you can buy products and avail services with just your fingertips, but besides the convenience this gives us, it will also cost us additional fees, like the most common, the processing fee. 

The processing fee is a pre-set amount that a customer pays in order to transfer money to another e-wallet or bank, or process payment for purchasing a business’ products or service. The amount of processing fees depends on multiple variables, including the card network, transaction amount, and type of transaction. 

Lending institutions like AND Financing Corporation sometimes give their customers a promo where they let them process their loans without having to pay the processing fee, but most importantly, promos like this give them the opportunity to save a lot of money and redeem its extra benefits, so this is a limited time offer that borrowers wouldn’t want to miss! 

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