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Lazada 10.10 Level up your shopping game!

Lazada, Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, makes sure that they are fully equipped with the latest technology, logistics, and payment capabilities. They also have a large selection of brands and sellers that they work with to give their customers enjoyable shopping, entertainment, and a redefined retail experience.

Now with one of Lazada’s biggest sale events and promotions just right around the corner, the Lazada 10.10, it is a fact that they are surely spicing things up for their customers’ entertainment and shopping experience. Loads of sale promos, discounts, and vouchers are set to be given away, so if you’re bound to travel and in need of a new luggage for your trip, a mom who needs to buy new baking tools for your online business, or just someone who wants and/or needs to buy something but is in a budget, then Lazada 10.10 is for you! 

With Lazada’s payment capabilities, adding to and checking out the items in your cart is very easy because of the Lazada wallet feature. It also gives you the convenience and flexibility to load up your Lazada wallet by applying for loans under financing facilities like LendPinoy. With Lazada’s 10.10 event, Lendpinoy will be having its own promo of zero-processing fee for all its borrowers from October 1 to 31, 2022. The term loan gives you the benefit of easy application and easy payment. Loading your Lazada wallet with Lendpinoy’s “buy now, pay later” program is as easy as:

1.Going to your Lazada wallet

2.Going to your Lazada wallet

3. Selecting “Lendpinoy”

4. Indicating desired amount then clicking apply now.

5. Submitting needed requirements and following the criteria.

6. After doing all these, you just need to wait for the approval and the funds to be credited to your Lazada wallet. You are now ready to check out!

This is a good opportunity to follow your budget and save up money, but still get to purchase the things you’ve been wanting or have been planning for. That’s the real definition of buying smart don’t you think? So get ready with Lendpinoy and gear up for Lazada’s awesome 10.10 event! This is effortless shopping at your fingertips after all. 

You would’ve thought of things you might want and/or need to buy by now, but if not yet, we already have our top picks (click here) for Lazada’s 10.10 event that you might want to look at. 

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