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Does Money make you Happy?

Imagine you are trap in an island with an attaché case full of money. And as you look around, nobody is there, no houses, no structures. Just an island of dark forests, the sound of insects and the waves of the seas. As you put down the attaché case, you realized that in this very place, the money you have valued so much in your entire life has no value at all. Maybe you can use it to fire the logs to keep you warm, to cook the fish that you might catch or even to distill the saltwater to make it drinkable. Survival kicks in and yes, you realized that money itself, without purpose, doesn’t make you happy at all.

You have grasped the real reason that what makes money important is its ability to provide you an opportunity to have a better quality of life. You can make choices that others who do not have the money can only dreamed of. And you can be a better giver, if you know that you have more than enough. The value of money cannot be translated on how much you have but how much options you can have. Money itself cannot make you happy but the experiences and the ability to make others happy is the true power of money. And as you open your eyes from the dream, you now know that the decision is yours to have. To use money wisely, from now on. AND Financing Corporation offers various types of each loans that may provide the means of leveraging loans to better the lives of Filipino people.

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