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Do not forget to reward yourself

There is a saying by Mitch Albom “The most important thing in the world is the time that you make for yourself”. It is a simple quote but often neglected because we tend to prioritize others and disregard ourselves. We wore ourselves out with working 9 to 12 hours a day and so perhaps it’s hard for us to embrace the mindset that rewarding ourselves is necessary and beneficial to our well-being; regardless of how small the reward you give yourself, the act is one way to motivate us to continue and work hard again. Scientifically, the form of self-reward increases dopamine levels, and these are the happy hormones that make you feel good, enable motivation and learning, and regulate your mood. The act of self-love therefore regardless of how we reward ourselves is a must to be practiced.

Self-rewarding can vary from one person to another; it may be, getting a new hairstyle or trying a new hair color, shopping for new workout clothes, treating yourself to a massage or a facial treatment, enriching yourself by enrolling in an online business, or personal development classes. Upgrade by purchasing a cellphone, home stereo, or a big screen tv for the whole family. Unwind and have a mini vacation.  Even just visiting your dentist is an act of self-love that will help replenish your soul and you have to do it because you’ve earned it and you deserve it. 

Fortunately, here at AND Financing Corporation, we introduce “eTomo by lendpinoy” We offer three (3) products that come to your aid and will be your friend when you decide it’s time to reward yourself even if you don’t have the means yet. These are the three ways etomo will be here for you. 

1. Cash Loan (Multipurpose Term Loan)  – This is the typical loan we are used to where we borrow a specific amount of money which will be paid on a pre-determined term of the borrower’s choice. Now you can enroll in your dream makeup class or swimming classes. Or help your career growth by enrolling in short business or marketing classes. Wanting to have that visit and avail of the two-day detoxification and wellness spa, now you can! Know more of the different product offers of etomo such as Beautification Loans, Health/ Medical Loans, Travel Loans, etc. Every month, different offers are provided.

2. CashaBuy (Revolving Loan).A loan of flexible credit/cash with availability for continuous use, an open-ended credit that gives you the benefit of using it anytime, and interest is based on the number of days used. How you use this is totally up to you. You can avail of the credit multiple times provided you have not exceeded your credit limit. Pay the minimum amount and reloan again.  It was created as one of the best options to help you with endeavors regarding your cash flow. 

3. Salary Loan. This is a loan exclusively offered to employees of accredited companies only. It is positioned as an additional benefit to partner corporations. This particular product is being paid through salary deduction.

Reward yourself whenever you reach an important milestone or achieve a specific goal because having something to look forward to increases your motivation and makes it easier to follow through with your tasks. Therefore, regardless of which way you want to reward yourself, with etomo products we are your right friend at the right time and because with etomo we got your back.  To know more of our products, click here: 

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